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    Cheeky Bum is a company founded by two vivacious, gorgeous, ageless South African women who decided to give the woman of today exactly what she needs and wants.  Lingerie that fits perfectly every time but never compromises on style.  

    "We believe it is a woman’s right to enjoy the self-assurance that comes with owning a pair or two of Cheeky Bum lingerie". Available  in a rainbow palette of 8 glorious colours. Cheeky Bum has a colour in it’s range to suit everyone.

    Cheeky Bum is an inspirational lingerie company that is the 'local' lingerie brand of choice.' The flexible sizing is one our key attributes. Our original low-rise Cheeky Bum fits a size 32 - 36.  Due to the high quality of stretch lace used in the manufacturing process, one size fits most.

    Gifting :

    Cheeky Bum is a great gift for women to give their friends but also the perfect gift solution for your man wanting to buy his woman some speccial lingerie.  No pain and suffering of guessing sizes or having to physically visit a lingerie store.  All they need is a ‘name-drop’ or hint to steer them in the direction of Cheeky Bum, the one-stop online lingerie store. Being romantic has never been this easy and your man will love you for it.

    Creating jobs in SA :

    Cheeky Bum is a lingerie product which is proudly manufactured in South Africa.

    When we embarked on the journey of starting the business we went looking for specialsed people in the industry that were skilled in working with lingerie. Being aware that so many of the CMT manufacturers have been forced to close due to the number of cheap Chinese imports flooding our country, we realised we had an opportunity to create employment in the industry and to make a difference.

    Through word of mouth we eventually made contact with a highly skilled seamstress called Movena Moosa who lives in Bishop Lavis in Cape Town.

    The story goes that the Department of Trade and Industry had just donated 14 sewing machines to Movena in the hope that she could find work and therefore be in a position to employ others and create jobs in the industry.

    And the rest is history.  Due to landing the Cheeky Bum contract, Movena was able to employ 4 ladies to join her and the team has become an integral part of the Cheeky Bum manufacturing ‘machine’.

    'Movena is a true professional with a great sense of humour and integrity which has made it a pleasure to do business with her.

    We look forward to satisfying womens needs in the lingerie department, 'beautiful lingerie that fits so comfortably it feels invisible, but not compromising on style.'

    Ana Drabbe

    CEO, Sales & Marketing



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